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At Environmental Foam of Vermont, we specialize in providing flexible and effective solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. You can rely on our work for energy efficient, high-quality standards and installed to manufacturer’s technical guidelines.

About Environmental Foam of Vermont

Environmental Foam of Vermont applies foam insulation and coatings in residential, commercial, and agricultural structures using non-ozone depleting products. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and total building performance possible for our customers.

We strive to use top-quality products in each of their specialized applications governed by environmental conditions. Each product has been chosen for its demonstrated performance and exceptional warranty.

Learn About Our History

Environmental Foam of Vermont was founded in January of 1996 in search of a green building insulation that would provide relief from the common problems experienced in the Vermont market. Open-cell foam insulation was selected for its green building rating, zero emissions, and spray-in-place qualities. It was installed in the owner’s home in the fall of 1995 and monitored throughout the winter months. Open-cell foam insulation provided excellent energy efficiency and zero ice damming on the complicated roof system.

Environmental Foam of Vermont constructed a self-powered mobile spray rig and commenced operations during May of 1996. In 1999 we began spraying closed-cell polyurethane foam for its flexibility, high R-value, and low permeance rating. The environmental conditions of Vermont’s high-vapor drive, erratic temperature changes, and historic structures required the application of specific foam systems for each structure. JM Corbond™ Performance Insulation was chosen for its low permeance, superior quality, and market-leading warranty.

In recent years with the growing foam market, we have expanded into the commercial and agricultural markets requiring the use of specialized coatings and foam systems. These include cementitious thermal barriers, acrylic/silicone roof coatings, waterproof below grade foundation coatings, and roofing foam.

Currently, we operate self-powered spray trucks and trailers to provide flexibility to the needs of specific job sites and the environmental conditions of the varied landscape.

Since 2010, we have also offered high-quality Johns Manville products including JM Spider™ custom installation systems and Demilec Heatlok spray foam and MaxGuard coating.

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